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02/02/2011 posted by Jackson


Image posted on twitter by @JustinPinner

Cyclone Yasi is currently raging! Either it’s fear of what our friends further north will find in the morning or I can actually feel a barometric pressure change.

Keeping an eye on how social media is being used in mainstream media we noticed how abc.net.au is displaying Cyclone Yasi real time updates from both private individuals as well as news sources side by side: http://www.abc.net.au/news/infographics/storify.htm?id=preparations-for-cyclone-yasi .

Here are a couple of tools developed for this purpose:


Below is a live stream from twitter using HootSuite. By creating a new search column and entering a search a hashtag, you are presented with option to embed the column on your website or blog.  The result is an easy to follow thread of twitter updates relating to your topic. In the example below I have embedded the search results for #cycloneyasi. You could do this for any topic from #bigdayout to #australiaday.


This beta tool enables anyone to create their own public social media channels. Publishers are able to manually select updates from twitter, facebook, flickr and YouTube to post as newsworthy content to their public channel. Channels can then be embedded on websites, blogs or simply shared. Storify is used by the ABC in the link provided earlier. The video below describes it much better than I can:


Signing off from the Sunshine Coast for now. Our thoughts are with he folks in North Queensland.

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