Photo-realistic sculptor, Ron Mueck wows Brisbane

16/07/2010 posted by Matt

ron mueck

Glad they're not clients!

There’s an amazing show running until 1st August, 2010 at the Gallery Of Modern Art in Brisbane. Melbourne born, Ron Mueck is exhibiting a dozen or so sculptures that are breathtaking. They are made from fibreglass and various resins and painted finishing touches that produce stunning artworks. Take a look at the short video I made when I raced around on my third circuit (kudos to the gallery and artist for permitting photography).

It’s great to get creatively inspired now and again. Which is your favourite?

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  • PunkLogic

    Ron Mueck work looks amazing! I can't wait to see it for myself. Was it enjoyable for the kids? If I go I would be taking 2 X 3 year olds.

  • Bee

    WOW! How does he do the hair?? My fav is the bearded man sitting on a stool.

  • mattlawton

    Each hair is individually inserted with tweezers! There's a cool video that shows him at work.

  • mattlawton

    7 year old loved it, 5 year old was just OK about it….he would have thought it better if they'd been made out of lego!

  • brisbane seo

    Ron Mueck’s sculptures are astonishing. Everything about them is lifelike, except for their size. What gives his work its incredible power is the scale he uses.

  • Anonymous

    Agree but there are also some miniature figures that had equal impact if not more. The old lady asleep under the blanket was so touching… I think Mueck is just a confident experimentor and must just be very very interested in people’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Frailty of the human condition and all that ;)

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