What’s the use of social media?….’to do’ list

10/06/2010 posted by Matt

My Tourism Noosa presentation on 9th June included a lot of references that weren’t captured in the slides so I thought I’d outline some of them here to help anyone who’s following up on their ‘to do list’ I gave them.

1. Commit time

Don’t delegate or outsourse these responsibilities, nobody is as passionate about your business as you. Set goals such as:

- Have a fully functioning presence in social media in the best 2 or 3 spaces within 6 weeks.
– Create 1 video per week
– Track 5 mentions of the brand per week within 3 months

2. Know your starting point


3. Select your measures of success and analytics


4. Set up alerts and do your research


If you’re short on time, just go with:



But you could also look at:




Find more resources at:


5. Turn your site social, add content sharing tools


6. Discover the best space(s) for dialogue

Who’s creating content in this category? What do they do well, not so well? Where can I connect with them?

7. Listen, understand issues & opportunities

What types of conversations are going on?
Score the quality of the conversations (1-5)
Where are they happening? (what networks?)
Who’s adding what value?
What value could you add in each case?

Here’s 4 things you could ask yourself about what you uncover from that:

What are the conversations you’d like to have? (This goes to your true objectives.)
What are you going to enjoy talking about? (Where’s the fun in all this?)
How divergent are you licensed to be in terms of the content you produce and your subject matter? (things beyond your product or service eg related aspects of lifestyle? music? culture?)
What will be your voice, your agenda and your value proposition? How will you be useful?

8. Publish content that builds your authority

Show your passion, integrity, knowledge and do it with humility.

9. Find ways to help people become advocates

Instead of selling, think about helping and sharing.
Are you adding enough of the right kind of value?

10. Stop if it’s not fun anymore
Give yourself a break then come back refreshed.



  • Jeff Sinclair

    Hi Matt – Thanks for presenting an excellent overview of social media yesterday. The content was good and the examples made your points easily understandable. After listening to your presentation I am determined to implement our own social media programme and make it a big priority in our total marketing activity. Jeff Sinclair, Jive Worldwide.

  • http://twitter.com/MattLawton Matt Lawton

    Thanks Jeff. Let me know which of the tools you find most helpful in the research phase.

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